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Pets Speak-Up During Readings

pet readings

Lately in my client readings, talkative pets have been coming forward to give messages to their owners.  The pets show me that they read their owner’s thoughts and they often express concern for the challenges that their owner is dealing with.

For instance,


archangel zadkiel
From Archangel Zadkiel:

“When your heart softens, every area of your life softens. You can see yourself and others with a more loving spirit, and energies and discomforts roll off of you with ease.

Heart-softening is a practice for some. You can train your heart to release whatever it


angel signs
I dropped my dog off at the veterinarian this morning for some yearly services.  Like most dogs, my dog absolutely dislikes going to the vet.  So, I always say lots of prayers and invoke many angels to be with him on the day of his vet visit.

I prayed the night before, the morning of, and also as we were walking into the vet clinic.